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Photo Credit: Jacqueline Young

Photo Credit: Jacqueline Young

Winnipeg was forged by a single block of ice. It lies in a shallow valley in the centre of the North American continent. The waters flows north. Once a year the people celebrate its return by climbing down the banks of its famous rivers to feast on fare unmatched on any frozen river. RAW:almond is Winnipeg. Winnipeg is RAW:almond. It pulses in every proud Winnipegger. In every secret desire to brave the relentless frost and say, ”It's cold but its mine!” RAW:almond is more than food, it is more than architecture. It is tenacity. It is wiping away tears of cold, warming toes in mitts and celebrating our shared climate with the warmest of friends, at a shared table with the best of food.

Winnipeg may not have invented winter but the people take hold of its icy horns and ride it out in style.

*Due to the nature of the restaurant we are at the mercy of the weather so please keep a close eye on our website for the most up - to - date info. There will be no cocktail lounge this year, however dinners will have the opportunity to purchase signature cocktails with dinner.*