Without inspired spaces the food can be anywhere, without inspired food the space is nowhere. Collaboration allows us to design and build things that we could not dream of on our own. For the Tokyo event the space will be entirely transformed by the collaboration between Joe Kalturnyk, co-founder of RAW:Almond, Studio RAP from the Netherlands, and Tokyo based design office, frontofficetokyo.

RAW TOKYO・デザイナー 

良い空間が無ければ料理はどこで食べても同じです。良い料理が無ければ良い空間は存在できません。コラボレーションにより私達だけでは夢にも見なかったデザインや建築を造る事ができました。今回特別に東京で行うイベントでは「ロー・アーモンド」の共同設立者であるジョー・カルトルニク/オランダの「studio rap」/そして東京が拠点の設計事務所「frontofficetokyo」とのコラボレーションが実現。東京だけの特別な場をさらに特別な空間として変容させ、あなたをお待ちしています。



Joe Kalturnyk, trained as an architect, is the founding director of RAW:Gallery of architecture and design, one of only two official galleries in Canada focused on contemporary architecture and design, featuring artists, architects and designers. The gallery has been nominated for its outstanding programming and featured in several local and national magazine reviews. As of July 1st 2015, the formal gallery space has closed. RAW:Gallery now operates in the ephemera.


ジョー カルトルニク


ジョーは建築学を学び、カナダに二つしかない現代建築とデザインに集中した正式なギャラリーの一つである「RAW:Gallery of architecture and design」の創設者でもあります。このギャラリーは多くの雑誌に評価されています。しかし2015年1月1日以降、彼らの物理的なギャラリーは閉じ、ネット上のものとなりました。



STUDIO RAP ( ) uses robots and ingenuity to produce one of a kind structures. Based in Rotterdam the  Dutch design company is already leading the way for architects and innovators around the world who want to push the limits of what can be built. Studio Rap joins us in Tokyo thanks to the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tokyo.



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Frontofficetokyo ( is an office of architects and observers. We are outsiders living in a changing city that has plenty to teach. We are working to imagine and build new ways to live in an urbanizing world. Sometimes this means we do research, usually it means we build. Often it means collaborating with people from outside of the office. We like this last point especially because it allows us to step beyond our own expertise and see the world in new ways