Without inspired spaces the food can be anywhere, without inspired food the space is nowhere. For Gimli we were inspired by the site, it's history, it's people and how they build.  The design is a collaboration between Joe Kalturnyk, co-founder of RAW:almond, Chad Connery and Jon Reid from Wolfrom Engineering.





Joe Kalturnyk, trained as an architect, is the founding director of RAW:Gallery of architecture and design, which focused on contemporary architecture and design, featuring artists, architects and designers. The gallery has been nominated for its outstanding programming and featured in several local and national magazine reviews. As of July 1st 2015, the formal gallery space has closed. RAW:Gallery now operates in the ephemera.





Chad Morgan Connery


Chad Morgan Connery is a practicing designer in Winnipeg, Manitoba as well as a sessional instructor in the Department of Architecture at the Unversity of Manitoba. He maintains an informal collaborative research practice with Anca Matyiku exploring the interdisciplinary promiscuity of architecture.