When asked what makes the RAW:almond concept so unique, fans and critics alike cite the space as instrumental to the experience. Co-founder and designer, Joe Kalturnyk brings these spaces to life. Featured in numerous publications from Winnipeg, Manitoba and around the world, Joe's architectural designs always have purpose. From using materials in the local environment to repurposing materials, Joe is always cogniscent of the project's environmental footprint. He is equally passionate about aesthetic and function, and his vision creates a stunning backdrop for the world-class RAW:almond tasting menus.


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Joe Kalturnyk

Director - AUX: Projects
Director / Warden of the North - RAW:almond

Trained as an architect, Joe Kalturnyk is the founding director of RAW:Gallery of Architecture and Design. The gallery has been nominated for outstanding programming and featured in various publications. RAW:Gallery enjoyed its tenure as a gallery space in Winnipeg's Exchange District until 2015. In 2012 Kalturnyk partnered with Chef Mandel Hitzer to create what is now RAW:almond. The RAW:almond designs have won several awards and has been featured in Canadian Architect and Bordercrossings Magazine.




Jon Reid

Engineer - Wolfrom Engineering