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New York Times December 18, 2014 )

In Winnipeg, a Skating Rink That Doubles as a Sculpture Park
"Like Ice Capades for foodies, waiters and chefs slide around the ice dining room in rubber boots as they come and go with plates of food. Diners keep their parkas zipped and their stocking caps stuck firmly on their heads as they dig into shoyu-marinated duck breast and foie gras."


The Globe and Mail January 18, 2017 )

Winnipeg’s hottest pop-up restaurant is also its coldest
"Though the restaurant is heated to around 12 degrees, patrons still don tuques and scarves while sitting on fur-covered stumps on the ice...In past years, the buzz, chatter and excitement have superseded the actual temperature, making the dining room feel truly alive and warm."


FAR & Wide December 12, 2016 )

The Most Unique Eating Experience Ever: Dine On Ice
"Running for the past five years, this event continues to get bigger and better as RAW:almond grows into its full potential."


Conde Nast Traveler January 13, 2015 )

In 2015, eat your way around the world with this pop-up restaurant calendar
Some of the best meals in the world will have a new address this year

"Each night, superchefs will put forth the best of their kitchens, in partnership with Chef Mandel Hitzer, one of two founders of the contemporary restaurant... this is likely to be one of the coolest food experiences of the year." 


The National Post January 22, 2014 )

So Cold It's Cool
"...every seating of the two-week extreme dining event was sold out, with many would-be attendees left out, as it were, in the cold."