As revelations about sexual misconduct and sexism arise in Winnipeg’s food industry, we must ask what can be done and how to hold perpetrators accountable. This is crucial for the sake of survivors to redress the wrongs they’ve experienced and to engender healing from trauma. These questions are necessary to ensure that gender violence, racism, homophobia, and any form of discrimination within our industry and communities comes to a standstill. Sexism and multiple forms of oppression in this industry is largely a men’s issue. How do men take responsibility and what work is needed to fundamentally change this male-dominated industry? These are questions we are taking very seriously that will guide us now and in to the future. 

What are the next steps for RAW? For a start, we are pledging a greater commitment to joining conversations surrounding the elimination of sexism and sexual violence in the food industry. Our team is dedicated to creating a safe environment where women-identified, LGBTTQ*, non-binary people, people of colour and of all ethnicities can thrive in the workplace and bring their perspectives, leadership, and culinary points of view to the forefront. We know this industry will only become stronger, more dynamic, and creatively fulfilling when more diverse voices are heard and celebrated.

RAW has instituted a Safer Spaces Policy and Protocol effective immediately. All visiting chefs and guests participating in any associated events will sign a Safer Spaces Policy Contract. Our team will also participate in a safer spaces and anti-oppression workshop.

We believe food is a human right and has the power to bring communities together.