In 2013 with only a dream, a chef and a designer set to create a temporary tasting room on the frozen river during the coldest months Winnipeg has to offer. Seems crazy? It was. With dedication and perseverance we pushed through. Now 6 years and counting. The event has grown in size and scope - more elaborate designs, more guest chefs. It has also grown to other locations, Polar Bear Capital of the world Churchill and now Tokyo at a mystery location. Stay tuned for more to come, we are always cooking something up!!!


Mandel Hitzer

Mandel is chef/owner of deer + almond, a nationally acclaimed restaurant in the heart of Winnipeg’s Exchange District. deer + almond has been involved with some of Winnipeg’s most beloved pop–up projects. Hitzer and his team have been nominated by several food and travel journals as one of the top restaurants in Canada.


deer + almond

Joe Kalturnyk

Joe Kalturnyk, trained as an architect, is the founding director of RAW:Gallery of Architecture and Design. One of a few galleries in Canada focused on contemporary architecture and design, featuring artists, architects and designers. The gallery has been nominated for its outstanding programming and featured in several local and national magazine reviews. July 1st 2015, the formal gallery space closed. RAW:Gallery now operates in the ephemera.