Clint Ducharme -  Segovia

Clint Ducharme - Segovia

 Tara Podaima -  Segovia

Tara Podaima - Segovia

 Kristel Blawat Pastorin -  The Grove

Kristel Blawat Pastorin - The Grove

 Norm Pastorin -  Cornerstone

Norm Pastorin - Cornerstone

 Ben Kramer -

Ben Kramer -

 Eric Lee -  Red River College

Eric Lee - Red River College

 Cyrus Smith -  Berlin

Cyrus Smith - Berlin

 Mandel Hitzer -  deer + almond

Mandel Hitzer - deer + almond


Our final night of service. Seats still available for 5.30 and 9.30.

Please email with your name, phone number, desired number of tickets, and please rank your preference for dinner time (1,2) out of 5:30pm / 9:30pm. Tickets are $125 (cash only) and your reservation will be confirmed within 24 hours. Sorry, no dietary restrictions on this one folks. Hope to see you there 💗