The Legend

Five years ago a group of chefs, and an artist/designer set out to build a temporary tasting room on a frozen river. Despite 20-hour days, cuts and bruises and frostbite, a devoted crew of builders and servers helped launch RAW:almond  January 24, 2013 for 21 nights. We had no idea what we where getting ourselves into. None. We told ourselves that we would do it for at least 5 years,  really make it mean something and put it all on the line. We owe it all to our supporters, our families, our friends and to you, devoted food lovers and adventurers. 


Guest Chefs

To make RAW:almond a memorable culinary festival head chef Mandel Hitzer reaches out to the culinary community to gather the best talent. To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday RAW:almond 2017 features an All-Canadian line-up. For your dining pleasure the frozen river will play host to chefs from near and afar, representing seven Canadian cities and 26 restaurants.


The Big Table

At RAW:almond the tables are big. They are about sharing shoulders with friends and familiar strangers.  They are about community not just about staying warm. And above all RAW:almond is about fostering community, one plate at a time.

Video by Garrett Fache